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Golf Cart Repairs

* If you need replacement batteries installed in your golf cart, we will come to your home or business to do the job. We will then dispose of any old batteries safely.

* The majority of golf cart repairs are done in our shop. When we pick up your golf cart, we will bring it back to the shop, do the repairs, and then return it to you as soon as the repairs are completed. 

*Some repair services offered are battery replacement, motor rebuilding, controller rebuilding, solenoid replacement, and more.

New Batteries 

New Batteries Available upon reqest: 

*Automotive Batteries          *Lithium Batteries

*Motorcycle Batteries        *Golf Cart Batteries

*Marine Batteries            *Lawn & Garden Batteries 

*RV Batteries                   *AGM Batteries

*Gel Batteries                *Forklift Batteries

*SLA Batteries             *Watch Batteries

   (Sealed Lead Acid)

            *Alkaline Batteries

Reconditioned Batteries

*Reconditioned batteries starting at $35

*6 Month Warranty

*Fully Charged


Let's Work Together

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